Let’s workshop together.

New requirements in sustainability standards, far-reaching digitalisation, 3D production – the list goes on. All of these things ensure constant innovation in the production sector. It’s an exciting environment for sure. For us, staying on the ball here is one of the basic requirements when it comes to offering you the best possible process at all times. We would be happy to share our production expertise with you in a workshop. 

Produktionsbüro Workshops Production expertise

Workshops are not only ideal for gaining new knowledge, but also for kicking off large new projects. Even though we take pleasure in meeting you in person, all of our workshops are now available completely digitally.

The most popular workshops at a glance:


  • Print innovation workshop
  • Packaging production workshop
  • Print workshop 
  • Sustainable media production workshop
  • Sustainability workshop
  • POS innovation workshop
  • plus client-selected topics
  • on site or remotely

We would be happy to create a special workshop specifically tailored to your needs and provide new topic areas, or perhaps come up with something completely new together. Experience has shown that this is where the strength of a workshop lies – in working together to create new and unprecedented results. This has almost always been the case if we look back at our workshop history. We always think outside the box together and suddenly new possibilities come alive. New solutions and projects are often created in this way.

Produktionsbüro Workshops Production expertise

Oh, so you’ve read all the way down to here! Then you must have time for a short workshop anecdote. It begins with a volcanic eruption. The year was 2010 – the Eyjafjallajökull covered the skies of Northern Europe with an ash cloud. It even caused travel disruptions for many of the participants attending our workshop at Deutsche Post in Bonn. Do you like cliff hangers as much as anecdotes? Excellent, then we won’t tell you yet whether there was a happy ending or not. But we’d be happy to talk to you in person. We look forward to your enquiry.