An office for all occasions – media production

All productions have one thing in common – nothing. Every client is different. Every project has different parameters. Whether it’s print production, content production or an innovative production. We could write about this for hours but we’re not going to. We production people like it to be tangible. That’s why you will find four clear examples here about what we do in media production. For the brands AIDA, Audi and REWE.

Audi Catalogue Production Print Production

Audi | Catalogue Production

As a long-standing partner for Audi’s print production, we’ve seen it all. Very small runs with countless finishing stages and large catalogue productions in over 25 languages. To ensure that Spanish is not the only language understood in Italy, in addition to production management we have also taken on translation management here.

Audi Catalogue

Just as car enthusiasts’ hearts race at the sound of an Audi V8 engine, our production specialists’ eyes also start to sparkle when it comes to the brand with the four rings, because this is where the highest quality standards are met, not only in car production but also in print production .

Audi Catalogue Production Print Production

These standards are reflected in the many finishing and production techniques. From haptic varnishes and metal covers to integrated NFC chips.

One of the biggest challenges in this large print production was reconciling Audi’s expectations in terms of cost, quality and deadlines. And not getting into a spin if deadlines were shortened during the process. How did we stay on track? We’ll be happy to tell you in person, either on the phone, via video chat or right here in the heart of Hamburg.

Audi Catalogue
REWE Selection Packaging Production

REWE Selection | Packaging Production

When you have a production job for 300 items, with packaging manufacturers scattered all over Europe, two things are essential – clarity and efficiency. This is how even a mammoth project like the REWE SELECTION range succeeds. With clear workflow management , we were able to provide our client with a precise overview of the respective processing status at any given point in the process. Agile processes allowed us to remain flexible throughout the entire process, right up to packaging production. This enabled us to produce everything in a timely manner and to the client’s wishes.

REWE Selection Packaging Production

How can production as complex as this achieve high quality standards on an international scale? By combining our many years of experience in packaging with database-supported workflows. Coordinating the different manufacturers at home and abroad was a particular challenge, as was realising the sophisticated designs of the REWE SELECTION range using different print processes. Because of the time pressures, many of the print approvals for SELECTION had very short deadlines – to be more precise, this included flexo printing, offset printing, gravure printing and digital printing , as well as finishing. But as we all know, diamonds are created under pressure.

REWE Selection Packaging Production

As far as we are concerned, this is exactly what makes this production case so special. In spite of the many different international printers having very different quality standards, we have managed to achieve high-quality and homogeneous results across the entire range . For the products in the SELECTION range, the quality has been continuously optimised over the years. Every instance of packaging printing is perfect.

REWE Selection Packaging Production

There’s nothing better than crossing things off the To-do list. Here’s a list of everything we’ve produced for REWE SELECTION:

  • Folding boxes
  • Foil bags and pouches
  • Twisted wrappers
  • Yoghurt pots and trays
  • Thermoformed cups
  • Sleeves
  • Labels
  • Tags
  • Sachets
  • Trays and crates

AIDA Lightship | POS Production

If you’re a travel agent, how do you make your customers’ eyes light up? With lots of LEDs. This shop window display was commissioned by AIDA Cruises – a miniature version of the AIDAnova. The printed and backlit foils are an absolute highlight. You can even see parts of the interior through them.

Aida Lightship POS Production

When you see the finished result, it’s easy to forget how many obstacles had to be circumnavigated to get there. Here are the most important nautical miles, er, milestones:

Have you ever sat in a shop window all day? We hope not. The high temperatures and bright light cannot be underestimated. Our model ship withstood both. All summer long. How did we do it? For this POS production, we adapted the inks and materials to the special conditions.

With every LED that was installed, the requirements for maximum voltage and fire protection regulations increased. The task here was to find the optimum balance between luminosity and safety.

Aida Lightship POS Production

But before the display could be installed, it had to be shipped – to over 5,000 travel agencies. What good is the most beautiful advertising display if it can’t be shipped or arrives damaged? By taking this into consideration right from the start, we were able to guarantee a glittering performance for the AIDAnova.

Content Production

Audi | Content Production

Sometimes we feel like a racing team. While there’s a race going on outside, we coordinate, organise and optimise. 

With media production for AUDI AG, time is always tight right from the start. And that’s why it’s important to always keep an eye on costs and, above all, quality standards.

We use CGI and Photoshop to create new content every day with other AUDI AG partners. These are available in a central distribution system for worldwide use, together with the appropriate metadata. Every day is a race against time and every day is one second more efficient. Such a sophisticated brand deserves sophisticated content production Content Production.