Green printing – producing the future

Sustainable production is not a trend. It is the only way we will still have sufficient resources to make beautiful products in the future. That’s why we’ve set ourselves up as experts in green printing and sustainable printing . It’s important to highlight various aspects of production here, including inks, papers, materials, finishings, processing, plastic reduction, alternatives to plastics, recycling and circular economy – to name just a few. You can learn how such a production process works by taking a look at the example from samova that we produced with Cradle 2 Cradle certification. 

samova Range

samova not only tastes good to tea lovers all over the world, but also to Mother Nature – and Mother Nature is really demanding. Especially when, as in this production, every leaf has to be turned over twice and checked for sustainability – and we’re only starting with the organically certified tea leaves. The entire range is sustainably produced right down to the last detail. As a sparring partner for sustainable production, we were able to play a significant role here. 

Let’s start with the tea bags. The new NatureFlex film was used in production. This means that the bags, like the contents, can be composted in the garden. And the rest of the packaging is also recyclable. samova listed each and every component and divided them into sub-components so as to achieve the highest possible degree of sustainability. 

samova Refill

The folding box packaging, for example, is divided into box, outer packaging tea bag (sachet), tea bag, thread and hangtag. These components are then subdivided into individual components such as paper, ink, varnish and adhesive. Step-by-step, this granular approach brings us closer to samova’s goal of meeting the strict Cradle to Cradle guidelines, in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA).

samova Team Spirit

Many other forms of packaging currently go through the same process as traditional tea bags, for example tea in tin cans, refill bags, bag-in-box iced tea, tea pots, tea glasses or cups with filters. In the Far East, there are as many variations as there are types of tea. After all this, we really deserve a cup of tea!