An update for your workflow management

Workflow management – sounds complicated, but ultimately it guarantees greater simplicity. We do everything we can to make even the most complex, convoluted and time-critical process as clear and simple as possible for you. How do we do that exactly? We’d like to show you two concrete examples for our client Hellermann Tyton.

Foreign language management tool for Audi

After all the theory, it’s time for a real example. This job for Audi clearly demonstrates how giving comprehensive advice to a client can lead to long-term efficiency gains. But it’s not enough to merely increase efficiency. This optimisation of the production process was also about improving process reliability.

Audi Workflow

Of course, Audi has the highest demands when it comes to reliability. Browser-based, audit-proof and independent of the output channel – doesn’t sound easy. And it isn’t. And above all, not everyone offers it. To be precise – nobody does. At least not in a quality that does justice to the brand with the four rings. After doing some intensive market research, we quickly proposed an in-house production.

Foreign Language Management

A development and training period meant there were no major frictional losses during the changeover. In the end, however, we achieved the increase in efficiency and reliability we had hoped for through the foreign language management tool, including versioning. 

Our system has been working reliably in the international online field since 2008. It undergoes further development with updates as needed. There is only one thing we forgot to include – a counter to tell us how many nerves have been spared during its impressive operational life.